Author Topic: Sanction Busting: US Bell Helicopter Inks Deal for Russian Assembly  (Read 406 times)

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Sanction Busting: US Bell Helicopter Inks Deal for Russian Assembly
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2015, 01:03:39 PM »
Russia's Ural Civil Aviation Plant has reportedly signed a deal with Bell Helicopter to begin assembling the US choppers in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg.

Bell's 407GXP light single-engine helicopters will now be assembled in Russia, according to a new deal struck between Russia's Ural Civil Aviation Plant and the US' company Bell Helicopter, the Russian online newspaper Kommersant reported.

The deal is a breakthrough given that a number of earlier projects collapsed during the discussions stage because Bell Helicopter preferred to avoid giving the green light to its choppers being assembled abroad, Kommersant said.

According to the newspaper, the first three Bell 407GXP copters are due to be completed in Yekaterinburg before the end of this year.

At first, the helicopters are expected to be used for production certification, after which they will be purchased by the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviatsiya, which, in turn, plans to supply them to a flight school.

The helicopters could also be of interest to the Russian Interior Ministry and businessmen, the newspaper said, referring to a possible 17-perocent discount on the Russian-made Bell choppers as the domestic production means they are not liable to import duties.

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I wonder what Obama will try to do to put a stop to this?

My hope is nothing as I say fk him and his sanctions.
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